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Thread: Diablo 3?

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    Default Diablo 3?

    I know i will be playing a lot of diablo 3, potentially for years to come. From what i know Diablo 3 isnt really geared toward needing a "guild" per say. But as always, any game is more fun with mature, fun, experienced gamers. I would like to be a part of any DROW group/team at Diablo 3 release. I would also like to hear if anyone is interested in leading a team, be it casual/pvp/hardcore(whats hardcore Diablo3? heh). The poll at shows at least 10+ of us are interested in playing(still a young poll too). Lets discuss a DROW Team!!

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    Default Re: Diablo 3?

    I am sure that there will be plenty of Drow people playing the game. I don't even know if the game supports guilds in the way we are all used to.

    However, I have made D3 boards here on our forums for Drow people to discuss the game, etc. There are also D3 channels in Vent so people can play together.

    If the game does support official guilds, then it is something we may look at as making official.

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